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Beyond NATO: Time To Break The Silence, End NATO’s Militarism

Beyond NATO: Time To Break The Silence, End NATO’s Militarism


Fifty-two years in the past on April four, 1967, at Riverside Church, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.,  gave his most essential speech ever, “Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence.” King’s conscience drove him to take the unpopular place of publicly criticizing the Vietnam Warfare and placing it within the context of the “giant triplets of racism, materialism, and militarism.” The message of that speech stays related at this time as a result of its knowledge has not been heeded.

We put this within the context of the North Atlantic Treaty Group (NATO) as a result of this yr on April four, the anniversary of that speech and the anniversary of the homicide of King by the federal government, NATO can be holding its 70th anniversary assembly in Washington, DC. Protests and different actions are being deliberate.

NATO is a entrance for Western army aggression, which has resulted in destruction around the globe, mass deaths and mass migration as individuals are pressured from their NATO-destroyed communities. It’s time to finish it.

No to NATO! : Newport, August 30, 2014. From Rtuc’s Weblog.

Would Dr. King oppose NATO?

That’s the query requested by the Black Alliance for Peace on this birthday weekend of Martin Luther King, Jr. The Alliance explains why Dr. King would converse out towards NATO if he have been alive at this time:

Dr. King can be against the North Atlantic Treaty Group (NATO) as a result of it’s an instrument of US and European militarism. He wouldn’t be confused—and neither are we—about why the liberal institution, neocons, military-industrial complicated, firms and the company media are against ending an anachronistic construction. NATO’s solely cause for being immediately is to function the army wing of the dying U.S.-European colonial undertaking.

Black Alliance for Peace isn’t alone in seeing the truth of NATO as an aggressive arm of the US army. Within the Chicago Tribune, Victor Davis Hanson writes, “In an era when the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact are now ancient history, everyone praises NATO as ‘indispensable’ and ‘essential’ to Western solidarity and European security. But few feel any need to explain how and why that could still be so.”

The fact is NATO isn’t solely not indispensable or important — it’s counterproductive. It creates conflicts and is getting used as an aggressive army device. Among the many wars of NATO are Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Somalia, and Yemen in addition to Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo and Yugoslavia

In NATO is a Hazard, Not a Guarantor of Peace, the American Conservative describes how NATO was applicable when it was created to discourage Russian aggression, however that was solely mandatory previous to the dissolution of the soviet union. It writes that NATO “has maintained a destabilizing posture toward Russia ever since” and urges Trump to return to his marketing campaign view that NATO is out of date, a place he has backtracked from saying he simply didn’t know a lot about it.

David Swanson of World Beyond Warfare describes how NATO works towards the rule of regulation writing, “NATO is used within the US and by other NATO members as cover to wage wars under the pretense that they are somehow more legal or acceptable.”

When the Soviet Union dissolved, the excuse for NATO ended. Certainly, it’s well-known that Gorbachev and different Soviet leaders acquired assurances that NATO wouldn’t broaden. These assurances got here not solely from President George H.W. Bush but in addition from West German Overseas Minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher; West German Chancellor Helmut Kohl; former CIA Director Robert Gates; French chief Francois Mitterrand; Margaret Thatcher; British Overseas Minister Douglas Hurd; and Manfred Woerner, the NATO secretary-general.

As an alternative of ending NATO after it not served any defensive army function, NATO expanded to 29 nations, 13 because the finish of the Soviet Union, together with nations on the border of Russia. One of many causes for the US coup in Ukraine was to antagonize Russia and stop entry to its naval fleet by way of Crimea. Ukraine is now partnering with NATO.

The present US nationwide army technique requires battle with Russia and China. NATO constantly increasing, conducting army workouts and placing bases, missiles and different army gear on the Russian border are a part of that technique. NATO has even expanded to Colombia, which borders Venezuela, one other nation the US has threatened with struggle whereas conducting an financial struggle and regime change operations there.

A coalition of greater than 100 organizations which are calling for an finish to NATO describes its devastating influence:

NATO has been the world’s deadliest army alliance, inflicting untold struggling and devastation all through Northern Africa, the Center East and past. Tons of of hundreds have died in U.S./NATO wars in Iraq, Libya, Somalia and Yugoslavia. Tens of millions of refugees at the moment are risking their lives making an attempt to flee the carnage that these wars have delivered to their homelands, whereas staff within the 29 NATO member-countries are informed they need to abandon hard-won social packages with a purpose to meet U.S. calls for for much more army spending.

King delivering his speech “Beyond Vietnam” at New York Metropolis’s Riverside Church in 1967 (John C. Goodwin, TIME Journal)

Dr. King’s Clarion Name Must be Acted On

In 1967, Martin Luther King, Jr., warned, “A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death.” He described how militarism was destroying the soul of america and referred to as for an finish to the Vietnam struggle. He described in excruciating element the US destruction of Vietnam, mass bombings, napalm, poisoning of their water and land and the killing of greater than one million Vietnamese. He stated a overseas coverage based mostly on violence and domination overseas, results in violence and domination at house, and he urged “we as a nation must undergo a radical revolution of values.”

Time has proven the reality of his message as militarized police terrorize poor communities and are used to silence dissent, making a warfare at residence. Different features of the warfare at house are the injustice system, mass incarceration, the shortage of social helps and the exploitation of staff and the setting.

King described how warfare degrades US troopers who understand “we are on the side of the wealthy, and the secure, while we create a hell for the poor.” King stated he couldn’t be silent within the face of such merciless manipulation of the poor “as poor blacks and whites” from america have been “burning the huts of a poor village” eight,000 miles away. The dehumanization and contempt of “other” individuals, he famous, results in the persecution and demise of black individuals in the USA.

King noticed struggle as “a symptom of a far deeper malady within the American spirit.”  He precisely predicted that if we didn’t face this actuality, US militarism would unfold all through Asia, Africa, and Latin America. At the moment the US has 883 overseas army bases with troops deployed in 149 nations and sells or provides weapons to 98 nations. He described how the US retains troops in overseas lands to “maintain social stability for our investments accounts.” He described US imperialism as based mostly on “refusing to surrender the privileges and the pleasures that come from the immense income of abroad funding. “

King related the acute materialism of capitalism to militarization and racism, describing a “thing-oriented” society moderately than a “person-oriented” society and the way “profit motives and property rights are considered more important than people.” He described the brand new hopes within the nation as the federal government confronted poverty with new packages to uplift the poor, however how he “watched this program broken and eviscerated” as struggle funding stole from funding the requirements of the individuals.

Right now, US army spending of greater than a trillion dollars – the Pentagon alone is $717 billion – accounts for greater than 65% of discretionary spending whereas poverty and homelessness rise. King referred to as for a transformational change as an “edifice which produces beggars needs re-structuring” and urged us to “look uneasily on the glaring contrast of poverty and wealth.” The wealth divide immediately has worsened with three individuals having wealth equal to half the inhabitants. King criticized “capitalists” who sought to take the wealth of countries throughout the globe.

Members of varied teams planning to protest the Nato summit together with Jesse McAdoo, from the Individuals’s Summit, Aaron Hughes from Iraq Veterans Towards the Struggle and Andy Thayer, protest organizer speak to the media Thursday Might 10, 2012 in Chicago. (Nancy Stone/Chicago Tribune) …..

The Insult of NATO Celebrating Warfare-Making In Washington, DC on April four

On April four, NATO shall be holding conferences in Washington, DC. That is an insult to the reminiscence of Dr. King and what he stood for. The Peace Congress, which was held instead of Trump’s cancelled army parade, referred to as for individuals to unify round protests towards NATO throughout their conferences.

The No2NATO2019 coalition, which is organizing protests towards NATO, writes:

… in a grotesque desecration of Rev. King’s lifelong dedication to peace, that is the date that the army leaders of the North Atlantic Treaty Group (NATO) have chosen to rejoice NATO’s 70th anniversary by holding its annual summit assembly in Washington, D.C. This can be a deliberate insult to Rev. King and a transparent message that Black lives and the lives of non-European humanity, and certainly the lives of the overwhelming majority, actually don’t matter.

World Beyond Conflict is organizing No to NATO — Sure to Peace Pageant, which can embrace an artwork construct, meals, music and teach-ins on April three and a march from the Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial on April four.

Individuals are planning to arrange strategic, nonviolent protests towards NATO’s conferences and organizing non-violent direct motion coaching to organize for them. Study extra about all the occasions and how one can take part.

On this vacation weekend, we mirror on the phrases of Martin Luther King, Jr. who urged us to “re-dedicate ourselves to the long and bitter, but beautiful, struggle for a new world.” Protest to finish NATO will probably be a step in the direction of ending what King referred to as “the deadly western arrogance that has poisoned the international atmosphere for so long.” It’s time for peace to “take precedence over the pursuit of war.”