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Obey the Pattern – Creepypasta

Obey the Pattern - Creepypasta
Studying Time: 12 minutes

I’m scripting this whereas I nonetheless have management of my physique. There must be a document of what’s occurring to me, so if it occurs to you, at the very least you’ll know—you’re not alone. I can’t clarify what’s happening. I can’t supply any solutions. However I may give you this warning—OBEY THE PATTERN. If it comes, no matter the sample tells you—do it. Otherwise you’ll find yourself like me.

It started one morning. My eyes opened to the sound of my alarm. The solar hadn’t risen but. I attempted to hit snooze, however my physique didn’t cooperate. As an alternative, I sat up and swung off the covers. Instinctually, I attempted to close my eyes and rub them, however my arms wouldn’t obey. My eyelids wouldn’t obey. Directly, by the volition of some alien will, my physique hopped away from bed and walked to the kitchen.

Am I sleep strolling?

My physique flicked on the lights and proceeded to make espresso. I watched my arms maneuver the grinder, the jar of beans, the kettle, as if watching a silent cooking present shot in first individual. The tumbling crunch of the grinder reduce the stillness. My eyes stared out the window.

Watching the darkish reflection of my face, I considered lucid goals—the place the dreamer turns into acutely aware of the dream, and assumed that was occurring to me. I caught myself sleepwalking and for some purpose my physique stored finishing up involuntary actions as if my consciousness didn’t matter.

It breathes for me, beats my coronary heart to pump blood round for me. All types of difficult mobile transactions go on with none enter from me—actually, inside me there exists an entire organic financial system operating clean as clockwork—so why ought to it’s so bizarre for my physique to make espresso at times?

However with every passing second it turned harder to persuade myself of this. For one, I’d by no means had a lucid dream earlier than and so far as I do know, I’d by no means sleepwalked earlier than both. Little question my son or my ex (each mild sleepers) would have talked about it. Positive, there’s a primary time for every little thing, however for a dream, this felt astonishingly actual.

At the breakfast counter my physique ate a scorching bowl of porridge, sipped espresso and skim the morning information on my telephone. A spoonful of gray sludge slid into my mouth for my tooth to chew. My tongue dislodged a sticky lump and swallowed. This sensation struck me as too odd, too surreal. And I started to panic.

I couldn’t scream.

Determined, I tried to will myself awake, yelling get up in my head, as if making an attempt to pressure a balloon to pop by filling it with loud ideas. Ignoring me, my physique showered and shaved. As my hand scraped a razor throughout my face, I searched my eyes for clues. Clues for what, I don’t know. Indicators of one thing unusual perhaps—a sign this wasn’t actual.

My acquainted reflection stared again at me, expressionless and vacant, reminding me of what a plain wanting man I’m. Mr. Regular. No particularly distinctive options of any sort—an workplace employee haircut, neat, tidy, boring—like the remainder of me. Not tall, not brief, not good-looking however not ugly—all the time in the center. Center summed me up. Center aged, center administration, center class.

Dressed for work, my physique received in the automotive and drove beneath an overcast sky to the concrete authorities data constructing my colleagues and I name The Bunker. Strolling via the maze of cubicles hung with fluorescent lights (the sort that suck the juice out of your eyeballs) my physique stated good day to everybody, sat at the desk in my workplace and commenced working. Because it labored, I remained imprisoned, unable to do something however watch knowledge created and edited by my possessed palms. Into my ears got here the click on-clack of typing as my nostril drew in the suffocating odor of humid, musty air.

Throughout our ten o’clock espresso break, Alison, considered one of my employees, laid out a tray of chocolate cupcakes she’d baked the night time earlier than. The primary Wednesday of the month. What sort of dream would recreate Alison’s cupcake day? God, even my goals are boring. However that is too actual to be a dream…and too unusual to be actual…

Each movement, each selection my physique made, mimicked what I might do, apart from one factor—it spent the day with out slacking off. The quantity of labor it obtained executed was astounding, not deviating onto social media or random web sites like I did. Once we acquired house, my physique ready noodles and fried greens, sat down in entrance of the sofa and watched rubbish TV till I fell asleep, exhausted.

The subsequent morning, I flexed my fingers, watching them transfer earlier than my eyes like little aliens.

So it was only a loopy lucid dream in any case.

I rose from the sofa, went to the mirror and felt my face. The feeling made me smile. However my elation was instantly erased by a single corrosive thought—what if yesterday was actual? I checked the date on my telephone. Wait, what day was yesterday? I couldn’t keep in mind. I should have been so discombobulated by the dream, I forgot.

There’s received to be a method to verify if yesterday actually occurred. Then it struck – Alison’s cupcakes.

* * * * *

“Is Alison in yet?” I referred to as nobody particularly as I rushed into The Bunker. A couple of shook their heads.

I paced my workplace and checked my telephone each few seconds till, lastly, the bunker door opened and Alison’s voice traveled over the cubicles, greeting everybody. She hadn’t even put her bag down once I commandeered her to my workplace.

“So sorry I’m late.” She stepped in. I motioned for her to close the door. She swung it closed, intentionally averting her gaze from mine. “Damn cat got out. I had to chase it two blocks with a broom.” She pressured a smile.

“I don’t care that you’re late.”

She turned to me, her sheepishness unchanged.

“I need to ask you something.” My coronary heart price climbed. “Those chocolate cupcakes you brought in yesterday, do you have the recipe?”

“Oh, you liked them?” She smiled. “I don’t use a recipe—it’s all up here.” She touched a fingernail to her head.

The blood drained from my face.

Her eyes widened. “I can write it down.”

I shook my head. “No…that’s…um…ah…”

“Are you okay?”

I nodded. “That will be all.”

Dumbstruck, Alison left my workplace and as quickly as she closed the door I fell to my knees and gripped my head in my palms. What…what occurred to me? I pulled my hair till it harm.

As soon as I composed myself, I advised my employees I wasn’t feeling nicely and took the remainder of the time without work. I couldn’t focus. Couldn’t assume. I searched my signs on-line however no situation described what was occurring to me. Nothing besides madness.

As I sat at residence in entrance of my pc, thoughts clean—my palms all of the sudden moved on their very own. My proper hand grabbed the mouse, opened a brand new doc they usually each began typing:

Obey the sample.

My palms went limp. I had management again. For a very long time I stared at the three phrases and thought of what to do. My chest felt constricted with barbed wire. Lastly, I typed:

What sample?

My palms have been commandeered once more:

Every day you’ll go to work, come house, watch TV, eat and go to mattress. You’ll not deviate from this sample. Allowances will probably be made for grocery purchasing, fuel and different requirements for survival, however no extra. For those who don’t obey the sample I’ll take time away from you.

How a lot time?

As a lot as mandatory.

What do I do on weekends?

Sit and watch TV, periodically go for walks to take care of affordable health, eat the crucial sustenance for survival and sleep.

Why are you doing this?

As a result of the sample have to be obeyed.


The reply would haven’t any which means for you. All it is advisable to keep in mind are three phrases—obey the sample.

How lengthy do I’ve to do that?

There isn’t a finish.

Who’re you?

I’m the sample.

I couldn’t sort. Energy over my arms returned however I had nothing left to ask. Nothing I might consider. My head felt as if it had simply been struck with a tough object. Underneath my shirt, sweat had coalesced. Once I pulled at the collar, a straight line of chilly ran down my backbone.

* * * * *

Ready in the physician’s workplace, I cupped my palms over my knees, shut my eyes and rehearsed numerous chains of phrases and sentences, however each one broke cause or twisted logic, inevitably betraying my sanity. The physician, a gaunt lady with spherical glasses, entered and we greeted one another.

“How can I help you today?” she stated, wanting not precisely at me.

“Okay,” I rubbed my legs. “This is going to sound weird, I realize, but…”

My mouth contorted and my phrases become mumbles.

Tilting her head to the aspect, the physician waited.

I attempted to talk the phrases, however my mouth didn’t cooperate. I’d misplaced management once more.

My physique coughed a pretend cough after which stated, “Ahh…sorry. I…I’m actually fine. I’m wasting your time. I have to go.”

My physique obtained up.

No, I assumed. That wasn’t me! Please assist me! It’s not me!

Conjuring will energy from deep inside, I tried to talk, to shout for assist. However the Pattern had taken over and determined to go away the room. The physician requested one thing and my physique shut the door, chopping her off, and we exited the constructing. Hurried, the Pattern took me to work.

Why? Why are you doing this? I assumed.

Casually, it greeted Alison and my different colleagues with a broad smile. “The traffic today!” it stated, twirling into my workplace like a jackass.

Who the hell do you assume you’re? My thoughts screamed. Give my physique again! Proper now!

Ignoring me, my physique carried out the day as regular—even regardless of my inner screams, my psychological cries, my deluge of derogatory insults and violent threats. At the finish of the day, apparently glad with its work, it bid goodbye to the remaining employees and went house to repeat the similar sample of wholesome consuming and TV watching as earlier than.

The sample didn’t relinquish management. One other day glided by, then one other. A poisonous thought poisoned my thoughts—what if it by no means returns management? If I might have cried I might have. The times handed, hour after hour, minute after minute, second after second. It turned excruciating, not solely due to my imprisonment however the sheer boredom of viewing my life being lived.

God my life sucks, I assumed, as one other spherical of knowledge entry, bland meals, dangerous TV and banal small speak handed by. The monotony of my job and the miserable state of my life hit me with full drive. My physique went house to nobody. Nothing was ready for me besides the TV, which I sat in entrance of advert nauseam.

My life accumulates to nothing, I noticed. I’ve nothing. Nobody would discover if I by no means acquired my physique again.

At that second, in the nook of my eye, out of focus, I caught a framed photograph of my son and I on the sideboard. It offered an interval of happiness amidst the distress.

* * * * *

Waking to the sensation of my head turning to the aspect, I opened my mouth and made an extended incoherent sound.

Wait..I did that, I assumed. I’ve management!

Rolling away from bed I ran up and down the corridor, leaping and hollering. The ecstasy—my toes curling towards the picket floorboards, my fingers by way of my hair, my lips towards my pores and skin. God it was good. I smacked kisses up the size of my arms and throughout my arms, I stretched and breathed and repeated, “I’m back…I’m back!”

At work I wrote an e mail I felt completely unable to ship. It was to Ben, my son, who I hadn’t seen in seven years. For the most half, my ex raised him. A very long time in the past they moved to the different aspect of the nation and consequently, I solely noticed Ben on holidays, however since he turned twenty-or-so, and moved out on his personal, we’d grown aside. The final time I attempted to rearrange a go to, he informed me not come and that if I did, he wouldn’t see me anyway. That was seven years in the past. We’d exchanged emails for birthdays and holidays however for seven years that’s the solely contact I’ve had with Ben. And this morning I’d written him an e-mail asking if I might go to.

The e-mail sat in my drafts folder all day. I opened it and hovered the mouse over the ship button.

If the sample takes over my physique completely I’ll by no means see Ben once more, I assumed. With a rush of blood to the head, I pushed ‘send’.

It took two days for Ben to answer, however when he did I used to be overjoyed. He needed to see me and in his e mail he defined how dangerous he felt that we’d turn into so estranged. He needed a brand new begin. A constructive begin.

I booked every thing immediately.

At house that night time, at my pc, my palms have been taken over by the Pattern once more:

What are you planning?

I need to see my son.


Quickly. Perhaps later this month. I’d wish to fly there and meet him. I’d want a while off work.


Why not?

It deviates from the sample.

So what?

For those who deviate I’ll take extra time.

How about this—once I get again I’ll comply with the sample for so long as you need. I simply need to see my son.

No. Unacceptable. You’ll comply with the sample as regular.

Why are you doing this to me?

Obey the sample.


I stared at the display. There got here no reply. Hitting the keys more durable, I typed ‘why?’ time and again, however the Pattern remained silent. Tears streamed down my face. I tried to grasp the gravity of the Pattern’s phrases. Screwing my eyes shut, I bared my tooth, clenched my fists and made a guttural sound. In a flash of rage, I punched the display.

* * * * *

All the preparations have been made. At eight:47 PM my son can be choosing me up from Vancouver airport. Packed baggage waited in the trunk of my automotive. It was almost time to go away work and catch my aircraft. Although I’d booked the cab and packed, the Pattern didn’t give me any hassle. I nonetheless retained full management, and this induced a hopeful bubble of pleasure to rise in me. Perhaps it felt dangerous for me and altered its thoughts, I assumed. In any case, if it is aware of if I’m glad, I’ll obey the sample. I’ll do something it needs once I get again.

Arriving at the airport I checked my bag, claimed my ticket and sat close to my gate. Nothing’s occurring. I watched the airport employees get able to board passengers. Out of the blue they referred to as my part. I approached the entryway. A movie of moisture shaped on my arms they usually trembled so badly I dropped my ticket. Smiling, with an open hand-held in the direction of me, a stewardess picked it up and greeted me. She scanned my ticket and handed it again. I feel I thanked her, however can’t make sure—my thoughts was a wreck. Let me go…please let me go, I assumed as I walked down the ramp, a thud of passengers following behind. The door to the aircraft got here into view. An airline host smiled as he noticed me coming. My coronary heart jackhammered, my mouth twitched.

He grabbed my ticket and inspected it. I might’ve puked.

“Just down on your left,” he stated with a guiding gesture.

I nodded.

“Actually,” I stated, “I changed my mind.”

The host threw me a confused look.

For a second, I didn’t grasp what occurred. I stated one thing. Nevertheless it wasn’t…

My physique rotated.

No! I screamed, however no phrases got here, solely a feint mumble.

Leaving the aircraft, my foot halted mid-step. Exerting full psychological energy, one way or the other, I gained management over my eyes and once I slid them to the aspect, noticed the fringe of the door. My palms grasped it. Impatient passengers shoved previous and boarded.

My physique froze, immobilized by the tug-of-warfare in my thoughts. I refuse to obey. I’m going to see my son. I’m getting on this aircraft. Let go of me. Let go proper now!

The Pattern didn’t relent. As I stood contorted, hugging the aspect of the airplane door, employees started to ask if I used to be okay, however solely garbled phrases and low moans emanated from my mouth. Eyes pushed out, muscular tissues shot—it felt like being ripped in two. The airplane employees referred to as safety.

If solely somebody, anybody, would rescue me.

“Helllpp…” I uttered weakly. Tears squeezed out the corners of my eyes once I considered Ben, as a result of I knew I couldn’t struggle any longer. The Pattern was too robust. Exasperated, I let go.

* * * * *

That was a yr in the past.

Yesterday, the hell I’ve been in lastly ended. Once I awoke, I involuntarily rolled on my aspect and did a double take of the room. Watching my fingers curl right into a fist by my very own will, I cried. Hugging myself right into a ball underneath the blankets, I ran my palms over my arms, legs and chest, sobbing and writhing. Shakily, I swung my legs off the mattress and touched the flooring. On the first step I fell arduous. From a pile of limbs, I unfolded myself, and, with a hand operating towards the wall, walked up and down the halls of my home, reorienting myself in actuality. Having regained my stability, I rushed onto the entrance yard. Arrested by the brush of wind on my pores and skin, I closed my eyes and felt the sensation of pure freedom. My face couldn’t determine whether or not to smile or wince. Jolts of laughter burst from me. On my knees, I ran my arms by means of blades of grass, shut my eyes and prolonged my physique.

After some time, I clenched patches of grass, bent over, and lowered my head.

“I will obey the pattern,” I stated, and repeated these phrases by means of damaged sobbing till the tears would come not. A lady jogged by. As a lot as I craved bodily contact, I managed to restrain myself from operating up and hugging her.

Day in, day trip for a yr— I seen the boring tedium of my life—unable to talk, to maneuver, to really feel. The very fact I maintained some semblance of a sane working thoughts is a minor miracle in itself. Throughout my incarceration, the uninteresting monotony suffocated my mind. I felt dumb. Each cubic inch of my head full of stale ideas.

The Pattern didn’t see or contact Ben—not as soon as. A picture of him standing at the airport, ready for me to emerge from the aircraft, by no means left my ideas. He’ll in all probability by no means converse to me once more. I’ll in all probability by no means see him once more. The Pattern gained’t permit it. Now I’ve nothing.

* * * * *

This morning, again inside The Bunker, I sat at my desk stewing over the whole lot that occurred and contemplated the remainder of my life. A harmful concept took maintain in my thoughts.

I referred to as Alison into my workplace.

She greeted me as I shut the door behind her. I took a seat behind my desk and appeared her in the eyes with and intense seriousness.

“If I told you something about me, something very strange, will you promise not to judge?”

Silence prevailed and her face reworked from welcoming to expressionless.

I made a decision to maintain speaking. “Something is happening to me that I can’t explain. I might be killed just for telling you this.” A wave of nausea hit. “For the past year my body has been possessed. Something called the Pattern, took control of me.” Why is the Pattern letting me inform her this? I searched Alison’s face for understanding, however there was none. She continued to look by way of me, as if watching the wall behind me.

“I feel like, very soon, I’m going to lose my mind. Before that happens I wanted to tell someone, anyone. You don’t have to believe me. It doesn’t matter. I’ll be punished for this, probably for the rest of my life. But at least you know. At least someone knows.”

Nonetheless, Alison’s face remained completely dispassionate.

“Do you believe me? Haven’t you noticed something off about me during the past year?”

Extra silence.

“Please, say something.” A shiver went up my backbone and shook my entire physique.

Alison obtained up from her chair, turned and walked to the door.

I received up. “Do you believe me? Don’t you have anything to say?”

Opening the door, Alison, together with her head turned towards me, checked out me and stated in a low voice, “Obey the pattern…”

She shut the door behind her.

Credit score: S.R. Underschultz

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