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Scapegoating Russia for Corporate Riches and Internal Fear

Scapegoating Russia for Corporate Riches and Internal Fear

Assessment of The Russians are Coming, Once more (“first as tragedy, then as farce”) by Jeremy Kuzamarov and John Marciano

To the tens of millions of victims of the Chilly Conflict, and those that have struggled valiantly for an enduring friendship between the American and Soviet/Russian individuals.

That’s authors Jeremy Kuzamarov and John Marciano’s dedication of this scholarly work that must be a textual content for highschool, school and college college students within the US and worldwide.

“We write this book as the curtain slowly draws down on the American Empire,” thus opened Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick of their monumental historic tome The Untold Historical past of america. (Their e-book accompanies the 2012 Showtime documentary movie in 12 episodes)

This might simply have been the opening sentence of The Russians are Coming, Once more (TRACA) (Month-to-month Evaluate Press, Might 2018, 240 pages).

The e-book’s title comes from the 1966 Academy Award–profitable movie The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming, directed by Norman Jewison, which parodies the Chilly Struggle paranoia pervading the US through the struggle towards Vietnam and depicts chaos that seized a small coastal New England city after a Soviet submarine ran aground. The sub-title—“first as tragedy, then as farce”—comes from Karl Marx’ description of historical past repeating itself.

Half-century after the movie was launched US residents are once more being instructed to worry the “Russian menace”. Bastions of “objective media outlets” bombard us with such ridiculousness. Why? Simply ask one query. What might Russia achieve from being a menace to the world’s mightiest of countries; from interfering in its elections; from threatening warfare by shifting a few of their army near their very own borders the place they’re encircled by US-NATO forces, which spend ten occasions what Russia does on army may; “menaced” by a president who provided and offered actual materials help for the US conflict towards Afghanistan; by a Russian president who went fishing with the 2 Bush presidents, a Russian chief who performs the piano and sings “Blueberry Hill”?

The cost of election interference has been accepted by a lot of the media despite the fact that intelligence businesses, whose legitimacy is at one in every of its lowest factors following the weapons of mass destruction lie-debacle in Iraq—launched a report so bereft of precise proof that they might solely make an “assessment.” In Deep State jargon meaning a “guess”. Forensic specialists working with dissenting intelligence veterans asserted that the hack on the e-mail server of the Democratic Nationwide Committee chairman was the results of a leak by somebody on the within carried out in United States japanese time zone.

A lot of the guide facilities on a historic perspective of up to date U.S.-Russian relations emphasizing how the absence of historic consciousness has resulted in a repetition of previous tragedies and farces primarily carried out for financial revenue for the huge weapons/conflict business.

I quote a key paragraph on the conclusion of the ebook emphasizing this theme:

One clear lesson we will draw from historical past is that the Russians have extra purpose to worry us than we have now to worry them. We shouldn’t be fooled by alarmist claims about Putin and a brand new Russia imperialism, a type of projecting our personal conduct onto another person…” as historical past has proven.

It was america that invaded the Soviet Union—not vice versa. It was america that encircled the Soviet Union with army bases in the course of the Chilly Warfare and initiated many different provocative insurance policies whereas intervening aggressively in Third World nations beneath the pretext of preventing Communism. A research by Ruth Leger Sivard that analyzed 125 army conflicts from 1946 to 1981, 95 % within the International South, discovered ‘Western powers accounting for 79 % of the interventions, Communists for 6 %.” A lot of the latter have been enacted round their borders aside from Cuba, which supported a number of African liberation wars towards European colonial powers.

The foreword of Sivard’s guide, World Army and Social Expenditures 1981, was written by George F. Kennan, who had been the epitome of a US imperialist conflict strategist. Late in life, he reversed himself regretting his coverage of “communist containment”, which he authored beneath President Truman. Kennan is however one among hundreds of key army, intelligence/covert operatives, and shut presidential advisors/secretaries who’ve come over to the aspect of fact and peace. Lots of these individuals are key protestors of the present warfare hysteria: Paul Craig Roberts, William Blum, Jack Matlock, Ramsey Clark, John Stockwell, Ray McGovern.

These dissident veterans remind us that it was the USA that expanded NATO towards the Russian border in violation of a 1990 promise not to take action, and meddles within the affairs of countries on Russia’s border, together with Ukraine and Georgia. Additionally they oppose overthrowing leaders not completely underneath US tutelage, like Qaddafi in Libya, Hussein in Iraq, and trying to take away Assad in Syria—all of which alarms the Russians.

It’s the US authorities that has methodically and chronically interfered in scores of countries’ elections; eradicating their leaders by homicide or invasion. Simply learn one among William Blum’s books about this sordid report of producing “democracy” for these it needs to rule.

“Russia has a checkered past as a nation as do we,” write the authors, “however, it has never intervened militarily in Mexico or Canada, funneled expansive military aid to them, tried to manipulate their politics,” because the US has accomplished and does to Russia’s neighbors.

Right here is however one among many examples the authors present readers about how unfair and imbalanced the US media are about US and Russian politics.

The mass media tirelessly demonizes Russia and President Putin, getting ready public opinion for warfare whereas ignoring or belitting the few peace activists within the US. For instance: in response to Edward S. Herman, the Occasions from January 1 to March 21, 2014, had twenty-three articles on the Pussy Riot group to suggest alleged Russian limits on free speech, and gave one member of the group op-ed area to denounce Putin. The group had been arrested after disrupting a church service and got a two-year sentence. Across the similar time, eighty-four-year-old Sister Megan Rice was given a [three-year] jail sentence for protesting a nuclear weapons website in Tennessee, however she was talked about solely within the again pages and not given a chance to publish an op-ed. Nor might she meet with the Occasions editorial board as Pussy Riot did.

She, and two comrade activists, served two years earlier than launch in 2014.

The primary chapter of TRACA discusses the brand new Chilly Conflict, with a concentrate on the Russophobic discourse and demonization of Putin within the New York Occasions and its political implications.

The second chapter goes again to when the Franklin Pierce administration despatched a army delegation to help Russia through the Crimean Conflict (paradoxically sufficient), and Russia returned the favor by sending a naval fleet as a sign to Britain and France to not intervene militarily on behalf of the Confederacy within the U.S. Civil Struggle. Half a century later (1918-20), the unprovoked U.S. invaded the brand new Soviet Russia with out the consent of Congress.

The US army commander in Siberia, William S. Graves, thought-about the invasion a violation of Russia’s sovereignty. Graves additionally denounced horrible atrocities carried out by each US forces and allies within the Russian White Military.  Amongst these killed have been former members of the constituent meeting, railroad staff who had struck for greater wages, and at the least two thousand Jews.

In that warfare US and British troops pioneered using nerve fuel designed to incapacitate and demoralize the Pink Military.

In the USA, critics of the intervention have been prosecuted beneath the Alien and Sedition Acts that made it a criminal offense to “willfully utter, print, write or publish any disloyal, profane, scurrilous or abusive language about the U.S. form of government, constitution, military or naval force or flag.”

So A lot for Freedom of Speech!

The e-book additionally exhibits how the Russian military and individuals have been the precise victors of WWII. Lower than half-a-million US forces misplaced their lives in comparison with 27 million Russians and different Soviet individuals, about half of all deaths within the struggle.

In February 1942, Basic Douglass MacArthur, who later was prepared to invade “red” China and use nuclear weapons, stated of the Russian army:

I noticed such efficient resistance to the heaviest blows of a hitherto undefeated enemy, adopted by a smashing counterattack which is driving the enemy again to his personal land. The size and grandeur of this effort marks it as the best army achievement in all historical past.

The subsequent 4 chapters present a panoramic historical past of the primary Chilly Struggle, displaying the way it was an avoidable tragedy.

“NATO chiefs tellingly concluded in 1950 that the Soviet armed forces had not increased since the end of the Second World War, and there were no serious ‘indications that the USSR is preparing for [war against the West].’ General Albert Greunther, Eisenhower’s Chief of Staff in Europe, stated that Soviet ‘industrial production [was] not geared to an all-out war,’” wrote the authors.

Kuzmarov and Marciano conclude that it was “the imperatives of class rule that drove the United States to expand its hegemony worldwide, the warping of the American political economy through excessive military spending, [and caused] the purges and witch hunts, and the Cold War’s adverse effect on the black community and unions.”

The ultimate chapter delves into the Chilly Conflict’s impact on Third World nations, which suffered from proxy wars and regime change operations. The period’s victims and dissidents are spotlighted, and it’s hoped that their “wisdom and courage may yet inspire a new generation of radicals”.

Once more, the authors cite the rabid anti-Communist Common MacArthur, of all individuals, who asserted that in the course of the Chilly Conflict the US authorities “kept us in a perpetual state of fear—kept us in a perpetual stampede of patriotic fervor—with the cry of a grave national emergency. Always there has been some terrible evil at home or some monstrous foreign power that was going to gobble us up if we did not blindly rally behind it by furnishing the exorbitant funds demanded. Yet, in retrospect, these disasters seem never to have happened, seem never to have been quite real.”

The Chilly Warfare was began by Winston Churchill and Harry Truman regardless of having no worry of any Soviet army menace. Basic Walter Bedell Smith turned the Central Intelligence Company’s second director (1950-Three). He had been Common Dwight Eisenhower’s chief of employees and Truman’s ambassador to the Soviet Union. He was so assured that the Soviets wouldn’t “undertake a deliberate military attack on . . . our concentrations of aircraft at Wiesbaden [Germany]” that he would “not hesitate to go there and sit on the field myself.”

The authors’ conclusion concerning the Chilly Struggle:

As brutal a pacesetter as he was, Stalin can’t be held singularly accountable for beginning the Chilly Warfare if we think about that the US managed greater than 2,000 bases and 30,000 army installations on the finish of the Second World Warfare, nearly encircling the Soviet Union.

Add to that the united states was completely impoverished, bankrupted and shattered by Nazi genocide.

US Chilly Warfare additional waged ‘limited wars’ in Korea and Vietnam the place it splashed oceans of napalm, defoliated the panorama, killed tens of millions of civilians, supported drug trafficking proxies in Southeast Asia and Latin America, and unleashed chemical and probably organic warfare, whereas coaching repressive police forces in dozens of nations.

The Chilly Conflict additionally devastated communities of leftists and activists in the USA because of McCarthyite witch hunts, eroding the prospects for social democracy and included the warping of the US political financial system and improvement of a everlasting warfare state; the corruption of science, US universities, and the media; victimization of blacks; and the abuse of civil liberties…and its lingering results on US political tradition, which could be seen within the hysteria about Putin.

So what did the US get out of the Chilly Conflict? Monumental income for army contractors like Lockheed, Boeing, Common Dynamics, Basic Electrical, Chrysler, and Hughes Plane. These firms employed legions of former military officers, spent tens of millions of dollars in lobbying, and more and more financed the political campaigns of candidates from each main events. US taxpayers have been those who received fleeced. A 1959 congressional probe led by F. Edward Hébert (D-LA), a Southern conservative Democrat, discovered that main army contractors had defrauded the federal government of hundreds of thousands of dollars by pocketing extra income and charging pointless overhead for no-bid contracts. They got clean checks to supply weapons methods that often-proved to be defective.

That felony conduct continues at present.

What did the individuals get? About 20% are poor and many endure mal-nutrition. People rank quantity 18 in toddler mortality. The nation’s infrastructure is in ruins, the faculties are imprisoning college students who study far lower than most different industrialized nations’ college students. The blockaded and attacked small nation of Cuba has higher well being care and instructional advantages than does the richest nation and biggest aggressor on the planet.

Trillions of dollars the individuals might have benefited from pay for murderous tasks like Operation Paperclip, which left a legacy of “ballistic missiles, Sarin gas cluster bombs, underground bunkers, space capsules and weaponized bubonic plague.” “Eight of the scientists had worked directly with Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, or Herman Goering, ten were part of the Nazi storm troopers. Six stood trial at Nuremburg…. The best-known Paperclip scientist was Werner von Braun, who was instrumental to the development of guided missiles and the U.S. space program. These operations also included [the CIA and] US army’s biological weapons program at Fort Detrick, Maryland, which led to the creation of anthrax, pest-laden bombs, and herbicides like Agent Orange, which resulted in birth deformities, cancers, and environmental damage in Southeast Asia… and Operation MK-ULTRA sponsored research in the behavioral sciences.” The CIA helped to put Nazi scientists in universities, which additionally educated secret police in Vietnam.

Underneath the mad illogic of the Chilly Conflict, america developed a nuclear stockpile of 22,229 warheads (or 10,948 megatons of TNT) by 1961 in comparison with Three,320 Soviet warheads (Three,420 megatons of TNT). In 1954, the Strategic Air Command (SAC) put forth a plan to assault the Soviet Union with lots of of bombs, turning it into “a smoking, radiating ruin at the end of two hours.” “The plan involved killing 80 percent of the population in 118 major cities, or 60 million people.” “That same year the United States began to place nuclear weapons in Europe…a clear provocation and threat from the Soviet point of view, one that ignited their own escalation of the arms race.”

The Chilly Conflict ideology intertwined with the racist McCarthyism of the occasions. Key African American leaders for equality, justice and peace have been demonized by it—W.E.B. DuBois, Paul Robeson, Martin Luther King. The Institution even cajoled some black spokespersons to sentence these heroic fighters for justice, and this environment aided within the assassination of King.

Within the 1980s, the preferred president in US historical past, Ronald Reagan, was the circus grasp of inner conflicts all through Central America the place he backed ugly dictators and militarists who massacred and tortured tons of of hundreds of individuals.

Reagan’s administration provided over $100 million in weapons to Nicaraguan counter-revolutionaries, whom Reagan dubbed as “freedom fighters” within the fashion of the American founding  fathers. In January 1984, CIA agent Duane Clarridge inaugurated a program to mine Nicaragua’s harbors. Two Nicaraguans have been killed and fifteen sailors have been injured. The World Courtroom condemned the US for mining the harbor in Managua, which triggered dying and destruction. Its verdict was ignored simply as was the decision that Reagan had sponsored the Iran-Contra crime and defied his personal congress that prohibited army help to the Contras. That “patriotic operation” included sending weapons to Iran, which was at warfare with Iraq, and the US was allied with Iraq.

The crimes of the Chilly Conflict are too lengthy for any e-book assessment, however the authors do their greatest to re-reveal them. They level out that through the first Chilly Warfare:

The Soviet Union was an ideal foil for america as a result of the absence of political freedom could possibly be performed up for propaganda functions. The true hazard, nevertheless, was that Communism represented an alternative choice to capitalist industrialization, structured round a command financial system, engaging to Third World nations that equated capitalism with colonialism.

Putin’s Russia fulfills an analogous perform in US demonology…[bad] Russia helps to reaffirm US nationwide id and visions of exceptionalism and righteousness at a time of escalating home crises, and helps rationalize the enlargement of NATO and upkeep of giant army budgets. The result’s that we’re once more threatened with the outbreak of a Third World Warfare, with the USA once more bearing appreciable duty.

With no motion supporting the sovereign rights of Russia and all nations, US politicians and the mass media hypnotize strange individuals with the false slogans that the US fights for democracy; i.e., majority rule. The June 2017 Pew Analysis Middle ballot discovered that 87 % of Russians believe in Putin; 58 % of Russians say they’re glad with their nation’s course. The New York Occasions, nevertheless, depicts Putin as a brand new Tsar, a menace to international stability.

A lot for majority rule!

Kuzmarov and Maricano level out that the plenty of Russians recognize their elected chief as a result of he turned the nation again to them after the Yeltsin-Clinton plundering. “After the collapse of the Soviet Union, GDP in Russia plunged by forty percent, people lost their social benefits, 75 percent were plunged into poverty, longevity for men dropped to about fifty-seven years and disease epidemics revived. The 1990s was a horrible decade, though the New York Times extolled Boris Yeltsin as a ‘key defender of Russia’s hard-won democratic reforms” and “enormous asset for the U.S.’” As we speak, financial and social circumstances have drastically improved.

The authors present an exquisite index. They’re meticulous in documenting how Institution politicians and militarists are recreating the Pink Scare witch-hunt of the 40s-50s. One among quite a few ironies is that its early advocates have been Republican Get together hawks reminiscent of Senator Joe McCarthy and his chief aide Roy Cohn. The best-wing fanatic Cohn was additionally a key participant within the homicide of the heroes Ethel and Julius Rosenberg. Then he turned a loyal pal and lawyer of Donald Trump.

This “gay homophobe, the anti-Semitic Jew, the self-serving, self-loathing one-time chief counsel and henchman of red-baiting Senator Joe McCarthy of 1950s infamy…got Trump his tax breaks for Trump Tower. ‘Donald calls me 15 to 20 times a day,’ Cohn said in 1980 to reporter Marie Brenner,” so wrote Michael Kruse for Politico Journal.

Right now, the loudest of latest Purple Scare proponents are Democratic Social gathering spokespeople and their comrades within the army, the Deep State and the media. Repeating historical past as a farce, the rekindled Chilly Conflict environment makes those that clarify Putin’s really benign motives are subjected to neo-McCarthyite assaults.

The one bone I need to decide with the authors is their placement of Bernie Sanders in the identical class with protestors towards this new Chilly Conflict state of affairs. They write:

Because the Bernie Sanders marketing campaign, Occupy Wall Road, and spinoffs just like the Democracy Spring motion have reminded us, the priorities of US authorities elites in each the Republican and Democratic events usually are not the identical as these of the general public at giant. Grasping, ideologically pushed plutocrats need open markets, management of world assets, and entry to army bases that would allow the extension of company pursuits, energy, and U.S. hegemony. The general public at giant needs peace, safety, a wholesome surroundings, and entry to good jobs, which plutocratic pursuits threaten at each flip.

Bernie Sanders, nevertheless, is not any totally different than different Chilly Warriors. He has backed all of the Institution wars for many years. He solely voted towards the Iraq struggle however then voted for funding it. Sanders helps Clinton, the Democratic Social gathering and Russiaphobia. The primary precedence of each one that needs to stay in a peaceable world with justice and equality is to oppose wars of aggression for domination and revenue.

I concur with the authors’ last phrases:

We consider that our solely hope stays the event of a residents’ marketing campaign for peace and justice alongside the strains of the anti-Vietnam Warfare motion, one able to restoring some sanity to our overseas coverage. We should do all the things in our energy to attempt to cease the brand new Chilly Conflict, which threatens much more injury to humanity than the primary one, began by Woodrow Wilson following the Russian Revolution and prolonged by Harry S. Truman & Co.