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What Happens if the French Yellow Vests Win?

What Happens if the French Yellow Vests Win?

What if protesters in Paris win, and the French authorities provides in to all their calls for?

What if taxes are decreased, wages elevated, President Macron steps down?

I’m not speaking solely about the gasoline tax; makes an attempt to impose it have been already deserted. I’m not speaking about improve of the minimal wage – the authorities already agreed to rise it by 100 euro per thirty days.

What I’m speaking about are actual, elementary modifications which many protesters appear to be needing: substantial tax discount for the majority of French residents, beneficiant improve in wages and enhancement of social advantages for all.

So, if the Yellow Vests handle to win all this, then what is going to occur? Who would profit? But in addition, who would lose?


One among my readers lately wrote to me that France ought to scale back its army price range and from these billions of euro saved, might simply finance calls for of the protesters.

One other reader wrote that the richest residents of France (or name them ‘elites’) ought to be taxed closely, and the cash saved on this method might be then distributed amongst the poor and the decrease center class.

Sounds ‘reasonable’? Sure, undoubtedly; affordable and logical. The one tiny defect is: everyone knows that it’ll by no means occur this manner.

President Macron was elevated to the throne by exactly these so-called elites. In return, these wealthy people anticipate their privileges to be assured, even swollen.

And to think about that a NATO member nation (on this case France) would all of the sudden slash its army finances and from what’s saved, begin to finance numerous new social packages for the poor and the center class, is unrealistic, even infantile.

So the place will the funds come from, if the French authorities decides to do one thing really ‘radical’; radical at the very least by the requirements of our period of turbo-capitalism: to take heed to its personal individuals?

Let me cease beating about the bush and ask my query brutally and concretely: “What if all demands of the Yellow Vests get satisfied; who will pay the bill?”


To place all this right into a context: I write this essay in Hanoi, capital of socialist Vietnam.

A while in the past, I used to reside on this metropolis. I spent virtually three years right here, when it was nonetheless poor, and other people remembered struggle, some even the French colonialism.

Proper after I arrived, what shocked me the most was that whereas the Vietnamese individuals appeared to ‘forgive’ the USA, that they had by no means forgiven the French colonialists.

“Why?” I requested my pals. “How is it possible? Wasn’t the US bombing and killing campaign during the ‘American War’ (which is known in the West as ‘Vietnam War’) terribly brutal, with millions of Vietnamese, Cambodians and Laotians losing their lives?”

“Of course, it was”, I used to be readily defined. “But we fought and, despite the terrible losses and hardship, we defeated Americans in relatively short time. And anyway, it was not only them; members of the coalition also consisted of countries like South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Thailand, and of course, France.”

And the story continued:

The French have been occupying and tormenting us for for much longer. Additionally they had been humiliating our individuals, constantly. They enslaved up, tortured us, took our ladies, they raped them, they usually had stolen all that we had.

Close to the place I used to stay, was a infamous “Central Jail”, outfitted with guillotines, torture chambers, solitary confinement cells. Now, on exhibit there, are monstrous devices utilized by the French colonizers, to torture and rape captured Vietnamese patriot ladies: beer bottles, electrical wires, strolling canes.

Liberty-Equality-Fraternity however just for French

No matter the colonized Indochina had, was stolen: taken to France, so as to finance development of grandiose theatres, railroads, metro, parks, and universities. And, sure, to subsidize formation of that well-known French social system which, as the Yellow Vests at the moment are appropriately saying, is being dismantled by the French ‘elites’ and by the political system which they’re absolutely controlling.

Vietnamese individuals fought bravely towards the French, lastly defeating them throughout an iconic battle at Dien Bien Phu. However the victorious Vietnamese Communist forces inherited ransacked, divided land, stripped of its assets and even of its artwork work (a number of French intellectuals, together with well-known author and later Minister of Tradition in de Gaulle’s authorities, Andre Malraux, confessed to stealing artwork objects from ‘Indochina’, when he lived there as a younger man).

For sure, that till now, French corporations are brutally pillaging many elements of Southeast Asia, via mining and different neo-colonialist tasks, as they do in numerous areas of Africa, the Center East, and Latin America.

Now ask in Hanoi, ask in Phnom Penh or Vientiane, whether or not individuals of ‘Indochina’ (what an insulting and weird identify was given to this a part of the world by the French, throughout the colonial period!) are supporting Yellow Vests in Paris? Ask whether or not they assume that if they win concessions in Paris, it will enhance life in Asia.

Are you guessing what the reply can be?


I don’t say that calls for of the people who find themselves preventing in the streets of Paris are mistaken. They don’t seem to be. They’re completely professional.

French elites are brutal, egocentric, even perverse. Current French authorities is just serving them, as the US presidents are all serving large firms, together with these lethal army conglomerates. ‘They should go’, they need to disappear, give method to what’s logical human evolutionary sample: a socialist, egalitarian society.

However they don’t seem to be able to go. On the opposite. They’re robbing, for hundreds of years, complete planet, and now they went as far as to plundering their very own individuals (who have been used to sharing the booty).

French residents aren’t used to being plundered. For hundreds of years they lived properly, and for a number of final many years, they have been dwelling ‘extremely well’. They have been having fun with a few of the most beneficiant advantages anyplace in the world.

Who paid for it? Did it matter? Was it ever necessary to these in Paris, in different huge cities, or in the countryside? Have been the French farmers questioning how come they have been getting beneficiant subsidies once they have been producing extreme quantities of meals and wine, but in addition once they have been requested by the authorities to not produce a lot of something? Did they typically journey to Senegal, or elsewhere in West Africa, to research how these subsidies completely destroyed agriculture sector in a number of former French colonies? Did they care that lives of hundreds of thousands there have been completely ruined? Or that so far as Indonesia or Brazil, French firms have been, aggressively, taking up meals and beverage manufacturing, in addition to meals distribution, and that in consequence, meals costs in lots of poor nations skyrocketed to double or triple of what they’re in Paris, whereas the native incomes stay, in some instances, solely 10% of these in France?

And the meals is just one instance. However this essay was presupposed to be about one thing barely totally different: about the Yellow Vests, and what is going to occur if all of their calls for can be met.


If we agree that the regime that’s governing in France, whole West, and in lots of its colonies and neo-colonies, is actually monstrous, perverse and brutal, we now have to return to a logical conclusion that it isn’t going to pay the invoice for higher medical care, schooling, in addition to decrease taxes and better wages of the unusual French residents.

If calls for of the protesters are met, there can be another person who might be pressured to cowl the invoice. More than likely tens of tens of millions, or a whole lot of hundreds of thousands shall be ‘taxed’. And they won’t be dwelling in France, or in the European Union, and even anyplace close to.

Are protesters of Mouvement des gilets jaunes, serious about this? Does it matter to them at the least a bit bit?

It didn’t in the previous, both. Maybe when few individuals like Jean Paul Sartre have been nonetheless alive, these questions have been periodically requested. However not recently; not now. Not throughout this insurrection on Champs-Élysées.

Do individuals in France query what number of tens of millions must die so as to enhance the high quality of life in the French cities and in provinces?

Or maybe, to ‘compensate’, to cowl the social spending, some nation would ‘have to be’ invaded? Wouldn’t it be Iran? Or perhaps Venezuela?

The New York Occasions, in one in every of its articles about the French provinces, talked about that folks have been complaining they can’t afford to even take their wives to a restaurant for dinner, anymore. That’s really critical, however wouldn’t it justify a battle for Iran or Venezuela, and their consequent plunder, or wouldn’t it excuse bloodbath of additional few tons of of hundreds of West Papuans?


I might recommend one thing that might assist to persuade the true internationalists, in addition to individuals throughout the pillaged world, that the Mouvement des gilets jaunes isn’t just selfishly preventing for the advantages that might enhance lives of the French residents, at the expense of many others throughout the world:

They need to point out that they perceive; that they don’t seem to be detached to others. Say clearly that they’re towards capitalism and imperialism, towards colonialism and plundering of the individuals and their assets in completely all elements of our Planet!

Say that they’re for freedom, equality, and fraternity of all human beings, not simply French!

Say that that is true revolution, true battle for enhancing the world, not only for extra money, decrease taxes, and higher advantages solely for people who find themselves dwelling in France!

Say that they might by no means settle for any advantages or extra cash, if they arrive from robbing poor and colonized nations of all which have left.

In the event that they do say all this, and if they show that they really imply it, I should shout Vive la Révolution! and be a part of them – the protesters – wholeheartedly.

However till they do, till I’m satisfied that their victory wouldn’t hurt others, hundreds of thousands of others, I’ll proceed to be rather more involved about individuals of Vietnam and Papua, about Iran, Africa, Syria or the complete Center East, than about whether or not some one particular person in rural France can afford to take his spouse for dinner to a restaurant.

• Initially revealed by NEO – New Japanese Outlook