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Why is Japan So Bitter About Unstoppable Rise of China

Why is Japan So Bitter About Unstoppable Rise of China

There was a pair of lovely swings for youngsters, not removed from an previous rural temple in Mie Prefecture, the place I used to often energy stroll, when looking for inspiration for my novels. Two years in the past, I observed that the swings had gotten rusty, deserted, and unkempt. Yesterday, I noticed a yellow ribbon, encircling and subsequently closing the construction down. It seems that the choice had already been made to get rid of the playground, irreversibly.

Deserted swings Mie Perfecture

At some point earlier, I noticed an previous homeless man sleeping proper beneath an enormous signal which was promoting a cluster of luxurious eateries on the lavish Nagoya practice station.

Homeless man at Nagoya Station

And within the metropolis of Yokkaichi, which counts some 350,000 inhabitants, virtually all however only a few bus strains had disappeared. What had additionally disappeared was a chic and distinctive, shining zodiac, which was engraved into the marble promenade proper in entrance of the Kintetsu Line practice station, the very middle of the town. The quick ferry throughout the bay, connecting Yokkaichi with Centrair Worldwide Airport that serves Nagoya and actually virtually all the space of Central Japan, stopped working, because the municipal subsidies dried up. Now individuals should drive some seventy kilometers, throughout the bay, burning gasoline and paying exuberant freeway tolls and airport parking charges, to make it to their flight. What used to represent public areas, and even simply rice fields, is quickly being transformed into miserable parking tons. It is occurring in Central Japan, but in addition as far southwest as the town of Nagasaki, and as north as Nemuro.

No extra public areas simply parking tons

Homeless individuals are in all places. Automobiles (Japan now has extra automobiles per capita than the USA) are rotting within the center of rice fields and on the edges of as soon as pristine forests, as they lose worth quickly, and it prices rather a lot of cash to get rid of them correctly. Complete rural villages are being depopulated, the truth is turning into ghost cities. There is rust, dangerous planning and an acute lack of something public, everywhere in the nation.

Deserted homes South Mie

Japan is in decay. For a few years, it was attainable, with half-closed eyes, to disregard it, because the nation was as a consequence of inertia hanging on to the highest spot of the richest nations on Earth. However not anymore: the deterioration is now simply too seen.

Oma , Aomori Prefecture

The decay is not as drastic as one can observe in some elements of France, the USA, or the UK. However decay it is. The optimistic, heady days of nation-building are over. The Vehicle business and different firms are actually cannibalizing the nation, dictating its way of life. In smaller cities, motorists don’t yield on pedestrian crossings anymore. Automobiles are prioritized by city planners, and a few city planners are paid, bribery by the automotive business. Many areas can now solely be reached by automobiles. There are hardly any public train machines, and virtually no new parks. Japan, which prides itself on producing some of probably the most refined meals, is now absolutely overwhelmed by a number of chains of comfort shops, that are full of unhealthy foodstuff.

Suburban decay throughout Japan

For generations, individuals have been sacrificing their lives to be able to construct a affluent, highly effective and socially balanced Japan. Now, there is little question that the residents are there primarily to help highly effective firms or briefly: huge enterprise. Japanese used to have its personal and distinct mannequin, however now the life-style is not too totally different from one which might be noticed in North America or Europe. For the second time in its historical past, Japan has been pressured to ‘open to the world’ (learn: to Western pursuits and to the worldwide capitalist financial system), and to simply accept the ideas that was completely alien to the Asian tradition. The results have been fast to reach, and in abstract, they’ve been completely disastrous.


After WWII, Japan needed to settle for occupation. The Structure was written by the US. Defeated however decided to rebuild and be a part of the ranks of the richest nations on earth, Japan started collaborating with the West, first supporting the brutal invasion to Korea (the so-called “Korean War”). It completely gave up on its independence, absolutely surrendering its overseas coverage, which regularly turned vague from that of america particularly, and the West typically. The mass media has been, because the finish of the struggle to now, managed and censored by the regime in Tokyo. Main Japanese newspapers, in addition to the Japanese nationwide broadcaster NHK, would by no means dare to broadcast or publish any necessary worldwide information, until a minimum of one main US or British mainstream media outlet had set the tone and instance of how the story ought to be coated by the mass media within the ‘client’ states. On this respect, the Japanese media is not totally different from its counterparts in nations similar to Indonesia or Kenya. Japan is additionally undoubtedly not a ‘democracy’, if ‘democracy’ merely means the rule of the individuals. Historically, Japanese individuals used to reside primarily with a view to serve the nation, which was maybe not such a nasty idea. It used to work, at the least for almost all. Nevertheless, now, they’re anticipated to sacrifice their lives solely for the income of firms.

Individuals in Japan don’t insurgent, even when they’re robbed by their rulers. They’re shockingly submissive.

Japan is not solely in decay. It tries to unfold its failure like an epidemic. It is truly spreading, and glorifying its submissive, subservient overseas and home insurance policies. By means of scholarships, it is constantly indoctrinating, and successfully intellectually castrating tens of hundreds of prepared college students from the poor Southeast Asian nations, and different elements of the world.


Within the meantime, China, which is actually ‘next door’, is main in scientific analysis, in city planning, and in social insurance policies. With ‘Ecological Civilization’ now half of its Structure, it is means forward of Japan in creating various sources of power, public transportation, in addition to natural meals manufacturing. By 2020, there might be no extra pockets of excessive poverty on the complete big territory of China.

And in China, it is all executed underneath the purple Communist banners, which the Japanese public has been taught to despise and reject.

Large Chinese language willpower, zeal, genius and socialist spirit are evidently superior, in comparison with the sclerotic, conservative and revanchist spirit of trendy Japan and of its handlers within the West.The distinction is really surprising and really clearly detectable even with unarmed eyes.

And on the worldwide stage: whereas Japanese firms are plundering nations, and corrupting governments, China is serving to to place complete continents again on their ft, utilizing good previous Communist internationalist beliefs. The West does its greatest to smear China and its nice efforts, and Japan is doing the identical, even inventing new insults, however the fact is increasingly troublesome to cover. One speaks to Africans, and she or he finds out shortly what goes on. One travels to China, and every thing turns into even clearer. Until one is paid very properly to not see.


As an alternative of studying and deciding to completely change its financial and social system, Japan is turning right into a sore loser. It hates China for succeeding underneath its unbiased insurance policies, and beneath its Communist placards. It hates China for constructing new and delightful cities designed for the individuals. It hates China even for doing its greatest to save lots of the setting, in addition to the countryside. And it hates China for being absolutely unbiased, politically and socially, even academically.

China tried ‘playing’ footsies with the Western academia, however the recreation virtually turned lethal, resulting in ideological infiltration and the close to collapse of China’s mental independence. However at the very least the hazard was recognized, and the Western subversion was shortly stopped, simply 5 minutes to midnight so to talk — earlier than it was too late.

In Japan, submission and collaboration with the Western international imperialist regime is worn as some code of honor. Japanese graduates of numerous US and UK universities body their college diplomas and cling them on the wall, as in the event that they’d symbolize nice proof of their success, as an alternative of collaboration with the system which is ruining virtually whole planet.


I keep in mind, some fifteen years in the past, Chinese language vacationers would stand on the bullet practice platforms throughout Japan, with their cameras prepared, dreaming. When practice would cross, they’d sigh.

Now, China has probably the most in depth and the quickest bullet practice community on the planet. Their trains are additionally extra snug and incomparably cheaper than the Japanese or French ones; priced so everybody can afford to journey.

Chinese language ladies used to eye, sadly, the choices of Japanese department shops. iPhones have been what the center class was dreaming of possessing. Now Chinese language guests to Japan are dressed as elegantly because the locals, iPhones will not be thought-about a luxurious, and truly, Huawei and different Chinese language producers at the moment are producing higher telephones than Apple.

I additionally keep in mind how impressed Chinese language vacationers to Japan have been with the fashionable structure, worldwide live performance halls, and stylish cafes and boutiques.

Now, the cultural life of Beijing and Shanghai is incomparably richer than that of Tokyo or Osaka. Trendy structure in China is rather more spectacular, and there are improvements in each the city and rural life of China, which are nonetheless removed from being carried out in Japan.

Whereas public playgrounds in Japan are being deserted or transformed into parking tons, China is constructing new parks, large and small, recovering river and lake areas, turning them into public areas.

As an alternative of omnipresent Japanese ads, China is putting witty and educative cartoons talking about socialist virtues, solidarity, compassion and equality, at many arteries, even on the metro trains. Ecological civilization is ‘advertised’ principally in all places.

Japanese individuals are more and more gloomy, however in China, assured smiles are seen at each step.

China is rising. It is unstoppable. Not as a result of its financial progress (authorities is truly not fascinated by it, an excessive amount of, anymore), however as a result of the standard of life of the Chinese language residents is going steadily up.

And that is all that basically issues, isn’t it? We will clearly enhance the life of individuals underneath a tolerant, trendy Communist system. So long as individuals smile, as lengthy they’re educated, wholesome and glad, we’re clearly profitable!


Some people are nonetheless chasing these magic photographs of pristine Japanese forests and lakes. Sure, they’re nonetheless there, in case you search very exhausting. Tea rooms and timber, pretty creeks. However it’s a must to work very arduous, it’s a must to edit and seek for the right photographs, as Japanese cities and countryside are dotted with rotten automobiles and bizarre metallic beams, with unkempt public areas, with ugly electrical wires hanging in all places. So long as cash may be saved, so long as there is revenue, something goes.

Japanese individuals discover it exhausting to formulate their emotions on the topic. However in abstract: they really feel annoyed that the nation they used to occupy and torture, is doing a lot better than their very own. To Japanese imperialists, the Chinese language have been merely ‘sub-humans’. It is by no means pronounced, however Japan has solely been respecting Western tradition and Western energy. And now, the Chinese language ‘sub-humans’ are exploring the bottoms of the oceans, constructing airplanes, operating the quickest trains on earth, and making fantastic artwork movies. And they’re set on liberating the oppressed world, via its ‘Belt and Road Initiative’, and thru different unimaginable concepts.

And what is Japan doing? Selfies and video video games, idiotic meaningless nihilist cartoons, brainless social media, an unlimited avalanche of uninventive pornography, of ornamental ‘arts’, pop music and mass-produced automobiles. Its individuals are depressed. I’ve three many years of historical past with Japan, I do know it intimately, nonetheless adore it; love many issues about it, however I additionally clearly see that it is altering, in reality collapsing. And it is refusing to confess it, and to vary.

I work with China, as a result of I really like the place it is going. I like its trendy Communist mannequin (I used to be by no means a fantastic supporter of the “Gang of Four”and their cult and glorification of poverty) – let all Chinese language individuals be wealthy quickly, and let the complete oppressed world be rich as nicely!

However that is not what Japan needs. For a while, it felt ‘unique’. It was the one wealthy Asian nation. The one Asian nation allowed to be wealthy, by the West. Throughout apartheid, in South Africa, the Japanese individuals have been outlined as “honorary whites”. It is as a result of that they had embraced Western tradition. As a result of they opted to plunder the world, along with the Europeans and North People, as an alternative of serving to the subjugated nations. In some ways, it was a type of political and ethical prostitution, however it paid properly — extraordinarily nicely, so its morality was merely not mentioned.

Now China is getting forward just because of its braveness, arduous work, the genius of its individuals, and all this, underneath the sensible management of the Communist Social gathering and its central planning. Exactly underneath issues that the Japanese individuals have been brainwashed into hating.

This is irritating. It is scary. So, all that submission, humiliation and bowing to the empire was for nothing? In the long run, it is China, it is Communism which can win, and which will probably be doing the best service to humanity.

Sure, Japan is annoyed. Nowadays, polls converse of some 80% of the Japanese disliking the Chinese language.

As I work together with individuals from all corners of Japan, I get satisfied that the Japanese public subconsciously feels that, for many years, it has been betting on the ‘wrong horse’. It is too proud to verbalize it. It is too scared to completely mirror on it. However life in Japan, at the least for a lot of, is clearly turning into meaningless, gloomy and miserable. And there is no revolution on the horizon, because the nation was efficiently de-politicized.

China is constructing, inventing, struggling and marching ahead, confidently, surrounded by buddies, however independently.

Japan is tied up and restrained. It can’t transfer. It doesn’t even know methods to transfer, how to withstand, anymore.

And that is why Japan hates China!